म्हारे बारे मैं

खड़ी बोली शब्दकोश सरु करा है थारे भाई अवधेश टोंडक नैं । (चिंता ना मानियो, धुम्मा ठा देंगे 😉 )

Khadi Boli Shabdkosh is the first-ever online Khadi Boli resource, founded by Avdhesh Tondak— a blogger and voice actor from Khatuali, Muzaffarnagar.

Avdhesh initiated collecting and organizing Khadi Boli Words for this shabdkosh in 2011 and later, launched this website on 5th November 2019. This online Shabdkosh aims to bust myths, and spread awareness about the rich local dialect of Western Uttar Pradesh, Khadi Boli.

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